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It wasn’t long ago that my friend drew a picture of me. She gave me big eyes and a beautiful smile. She was quite generous in her interpretation after a long day. There was a team of us pushing to get a campaign out. ...

Zuckerberg family donates $5,000,000


Janet Osterdock is a 15 year marketing professional and hands-on business owner with a wide variety of clients including both B2B and B2C.

About Janet

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Almost five years ago we launched a business with an idea, and because of you we’re celebrating an important milestone. 5 BIG lessons we learned along the way: 1) Stay on top of finances – I thought about becoming ...

5 Lessons in 5 Years


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As a direct marketing expert, I often see marketing professionals underestimate the value of direct mail. They write it off as a necessary evil, and simply bolt it on as an afterthought to an otherwise well crafted campaign. ...

Learn the New Standards for Direct Mail


Integrating the best of social media and traditional marketing